About us

By grace of almighty ALLAH, our organization M/S MRI INDENTING HOUSE is one of the fastest growing indenting companies in Pakistan, aiming at providing quality services to our valuable customers. Our head office is located in Karachi. We have a latest business and communication facilities besides experienced indenting staff and linkages in pharmaceutical industry.

We are fully aware of the continuous increasing demands of pharmaceutical industry of Pakistan. Every pharmaceutical company wants high quality materials at competitive prices along with proper and complete documents. We consider consistency and reliability of the suppliers and we assure our customers to take care of all their requirements. Our experience includes indenting of different chemicals and raw materials of pharmaceuticals.

We are hopeful that our local and international clients would contribute in achieving a good share of business and profit through working with us.

While keeping work force diversity in consideration, MRI Indenting House has been divided in four different departments so that smooth business operations to be conducted efficiently and effectively with ease.